Can Bearded Dragons Eat Turtle Food?

Many bearded dragon owners have other pets that they keep as well as their dragons. So what happens if you keep a pet such as a turtle. Can you cut down on costs by feeding them the same food?

It would certainly cut down on the cost of keeping both pets.

So lets look at the question ‘can bearded dragons eat turtle food?’

There are many species of turtle that are kept as pets and they eat a range of foods. Most eat commercial turtle pellets and fish pellets, not to mention gut-loaded insects which are those that have nutrient-rich diets. They also eat earthworms and small fish.

They can certainly eat earthworms and insects. They are part of the diet for bearded dragons. Just make sure they are purchased from a store to ensure that they are not laden with parasites.

However, they cant eat commercial turtle pellets and fish pellets. These are not suitable for bearded dragons and will harm them if they are eaten. Turtles are omnivores and have a distinct dietary requirement of their own and these pellets are made especially for them.

So in summary, they can share insects and earthworms which are commercially purchased, but give them separate pellets. This will help keep costs down in the long run.