can bearded dragons eat thyme

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Thyme?

Thyme is a low-growing aromatic plant which belongs to the mint family. Its small leaves are used as a culinary herb and it yields a medicinal oil.

So can bearded dragons eat thyme at all?

Yes thyme is fine for them to eat. They very much enjoy eating greens, however greens should only make up around 30% of their total diet when they are young and then up to 70% when they get older. So it should be fed to them as part of a balanced diet. Remember to wash and rinse any thyme that you give to them and don’t give too much to them as too much may upset their stomach. They will eat as much thyme as you give them though.

Imgae “Thyme-Bundle” by Evan-Amos – Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Commons