can bearded dragons eat tarantulas

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tarantulas?

Tarantulas are large hairy spiders that are found in tropical and subtropical America. Some of these types of species have the ability to catch small lizards, birds and frogs. Most species of tarantula are not dangerous to humans, and some species are very popular in the the exotic pet trade.

So can bearded dragons eat tarantulas at all?

Unfortunately they can’t eat Tarantulas.This is because there is no knowing what it is carrying in terms of parasites which could prove dangerous to a bearded dragon. Also, the poison that they carry could prove dangerous to dragons.

However, this is not to say that it couldn’t kill a tarantula if faced with it. Bearded dragons are very capable of doing this, but it may do them damage in the process.

Image “Brachypelma smithi 2009 G03” by George Chernilevsky – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons