can bearded dragons eat green tree frogs

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Tree Frogs?

The green tree frog is an arboreal frog that had toes that are long with adhesive disks. It is typically brightly colored and small in stature.

There are many different species and sub-families of tree frogs that are found around the world. They are from the family Hylidae which are a wide-ranging family of frogs which are commonly referred to as ‘tree frogs and their allies’. Many of these frog species do not live in trees but are infact terrestrial or semiaquatic.

So can bearded dragons eat green tree frogs?

Unfortunately they can’t at all and there are three reasons for this;

  1. They are toxic to bearded dragons and will harm them if eaten.
  2. There is a danger that they could be carrying parasites.
  3. They also cannot digest bones or skin either due to how their mouths are structured.

So they are a food to avoid as far as bearded dragons are concerned.



Image “Agalychnis callidryas” by Christian R. Linder – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons