can bearded dragons eat garter snakes

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Garter Snakes?

Garter snakes, also called garden snakes or gardener snakes are the common name to the small to medium-sized snake that bears no harm. They are found in North America and is the state reptile of Massachusetts.

Most species of garter snake are non-venomous but their bite can potentially cause minor swelling or itching to humans.

So can bearded dragons eat garter snakes?

They will have a good go at eating them but in terms of digesting them that is another matter as they are unable to digest creatures with skin and bone structure properly. This can cause them a lot of problems.

There are bearded dragon owners that will feed baby garter snakes to their dragon. The theory is that the bone structure of the baby garter snake has not developed enough to trouble a bearded dragon.

If a bearded dragon in the wild in Australia were to catch a baby garter snake in its natural habitat, most certainly they would eat it. However, to feed them other reptiles is not a good idea.

If a wild garter snake were fed to them then that is double the risk as wild animals will often carry parasites that may harm a dragon if eaten.

So do think carefully before doing this.

Image “Coast Garter Snake” by Steve Jurvetson from Menlo Park, USA – Found under log. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons