Mitchells bearded dragon facts

Here are 7 Mitchells bearded dragon facts

1. It’s scientific name is Pogona Minor Mitchelli

2. Its scientific classification is as follows;

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Order Squamata
Family Agamidae
Subfamily Agamidae
Genus Pogona

3. It is found in North Western Australia and the North Western Territory.

4. At maturity, it can measure up to 45 cm in length.

5. It is renown for the large spikes on head which are unique compared to other species of bearded dragon.

6. Some taxonomists consider this species of minor, otherwise known as the Western Bearded Dragon.

7. It is named after Francis John Mitchell (1920-1970) who was a herpetologist and a volunteer at the South Australian Museum and became curator or Reptiles in 1956 and then Curator of Vertebrates from 1966-70. He expanded the herpetology collection and made a significant contribution by initiating new research into reptile skeletons which assisted the understanding of the evolution and relationships of reptiles and amphibians. In 1958 he wrote Adaptive Convergence in Australian Reptiles and his name became attatched the species long afer it was first described, because he re-described it as Denisonia nigrostriata brevicauda, which is a description that did not stick. (source: The Eponym dictionary of reptiles, Beolens, Watkins, Grayson, p. 179)

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