eastern bearded dragon facts

25 Interesting Eastern Bearded Dragon Facts

Here are 25 Interesting Eastern Bearded Dragon Facts

1. It’s scientific name is Pogona Barbata.

2. It is found in the dense wooded areas of Australia.

3. Geographically it is most common on the cape York peninsula of Eastern Australia

4. It’s other names are the Jew lizard and the frilly lizard

5. The eastern bearded dragon was first described by Georges Cuvier in 1829 a taxonomist. He named it Amphibolurus barbatus.

6. Adult males can grow to 67cm from the tip of its tail to its snout.

7. Adult females can grow to 50cm in length from the tip of their tails to their snout.

8. It has a head which is triangular in shape and is large .

9. It has a throat that has dark, apiny and grey scales. As with all bearded dragons these can then be flared up to form a beard.

10. They will bite if they are handled in the wild, mainly in defense.

11. Their scientific classification is as follows;

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Order Squamata
Family Agamidae
Subfamily Agamidae
Genus Pogona
Species Pogona barbata

12. There are 7 other species of Bearded Dragon found in the Pogona family;

Pogona henrylawsoni
Pogona microlepidota
Pogona minima
Pogona minor
Pogona mitchelli
Pogona nullarbor
Pogona vitticeps

13. They are diurnal creatures which means that they spend much of their active life in the daytime and sleep at night.

14. They enjoy perching on elevated and exposed objects but like other bearded dragons, retreat to low ground and subterranean burrows to escape the midday heat. This makes the semi arboreal creatures.

15. Males of the species are very territorial and tolerate only females and their young to use their territory.

16. They lay their eggs by digging tunnels and burrows to store their eggs in.

17. They are omnivores and feed on a number of different small animals such as mice, small reptiles and insects as well as snails, worms, flowers, Fruits and soft plants.

18. They are not a threatened creature and are reported to be a species of least concern.

19. Eastern bearded dragons are the most common species of bearded dragon to be found as pets

21. They are mottled grey in color with some tones of yellow with paired pale blotches on its spine. It has a stripe behind the eye to the ear.

22. Their underside is also grey in color with darker circles.

23. They are often found with their mouth’s open.

24. They have spines across their body particularly on their sides.

25. When they are frightened they will freeze so as not to startle the predator.



Image “Eastern-Bearded-Dragon-2.2,-Vic,-3.1.2008” by jjron – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons