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Why Does My Bearded Dragon Puff Up?

So why does my bearded dragon puff up?

When they are threatened by another bearded dragon they will puff up their beard and it will gradually change to a darker colour.

They will also opt their mouths as a sign that they are ready to bite.

They will also flatten their body and may jump sideways.

Can bearded dragons and cats get along?

For the most part its not a good idea to have the bearded dragon and the cat hang out together. There is far too much potential for unforeseen accidents.

However lots of cat owners also have bearded dragons and they just keep the bearded dragon away in the vivarium and keep it seeled.

Some braver owners have got the two animals tamed enough to hang out together but this is not reccomend if you’re not an experienced owner. It’s always good to be there to supervise them in this situation.