can bearded dragons eat tent caterpillars

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tent Caterpillars?

Tent caterpillars are american moth caterpillars that live in groups inside communal siken webs in a tree in which it will often defoliate. They are found in north america particularly in Mexico and in Eurasia.

They are very recognizable as they are quite colorful, diurnal creatures who are social and build conspicuous silk tends in the nodes and branches of a tree’s limbs.

Once they hatch from their eggs they begin the process of establishing their tent soon after they eclose.

The tent of Tent Caterpillar consists of layers of discrete silk which is separated by gaps and a marked difference in temperature between each compartment in the tent. They have the ability to adjust their body temperature by moving from one compartment to another.

So can bearded dragons eat tent caterpillars at all?

It is not good for bearded dragons to eat tent caterpillars. Any creature found outside in the wild maybe carrying a parasite which is unseen by the human eye that may harm the bearded dragon. They are also very colorful creatures and likely to be poisonous to dragons. So they are best avoided to save putting your bearded dragon under any harm from eating them


Information provided by wikipedia