Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tarragon?

Tarragon is a perennial plant found in the sunflower family. It has narrow aromatic leaves and is used as a culinary and medicinal herb. It is found wild across much of North America and Eurasia, however it has proved popular in many countries for its unique flavors.

It is known for its anise flavor and is quite strong which is why it is often used to flavor culinary dishes. It is usually used fresh or dried.

It is one of the four ‘fines herbes’ of french cuisine and is particularly used for seasoning fish, egg dishes and chicken.

It tends to grow to 120–150 cm tall, and has slender branched stems and large leaves.

So can bearded dragons eat tarragon at all?

Unfortunately because of its strong taste and flavor, it is not the best vegetable for them to have.

If they have a little tarragon then it wont do them any harm and they will almost certainly eat it as they tend to eat almost anything, but its not a food that should be fed to them as part of a staple diet.

There are better foods for bearded dragons to eat, that they will love and enjoy more than Tarragon.

Image “Estragon 1511”. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons