can bearded dragons eat tadpoles

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tadpoles?

Tadpoles are the tailed aquatic larva of an amphibian. This could be a salamander, newt, toad or frog. They are extremely small and breathe through their gills and lacking legs until they reach the later stages of their development.

They are found in a variety of habitats around the world but usually in still or calm waters.

So can bearded dragons eat tadpoles at all?

Its not a good idea to to feed tadpoles to them, mainly because they can often carry unseen parasites that may harm the bearded dragon if they do eat them. So tadpoles are a food that is best avoided for them.

Image “Kaulquappen Tadpole 3” by böhringer friedrich – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons