Can Bearded Dragons Eat Sultanas?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Sultanas?

Sultana raisins are eaten as a snack food without further processing and are used in a variety of dishes, such as fruitcake and Bath buns, sometimes prepared by soaking in water, fruit juice, or alcohol.

In the US, most raisins, including those with the typical dark brown color, are made from the sultana grape, the Thompson Seedless.

The term “sultana” refers to golden-colored dried grapes, which may also be called “golden raisins” (such as marketed by Sun-Maid, a California-based raisin grape growers’ co-op, and legacy brand). (source)

So can bearded dragons eat sultanas at all?

As an occasional treat, they are fine but should not be fed as a staple food as they are just too sweet for them to have too much of. Just one or two at a time is quite sufficient for them.

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