can bearded dragons eat squash

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Squash?

There are two types of squashes, these are winter and summer squashes. They all have a tough outer rind, an inner cavity filled with hard seeds and have a rich, sweet and brightly colored flesh that has a nutty, earthy and dense flavor.

Summer Squashes

Summer squashes are a subset of squashes which are harvested when they are immature whilst their rind is still tender and edible. These are;

  • Cousa squash, pale-colored Zucchini varieties purportedly of Middle Eastern or West Asian descent. Not to be confused with Cushaw, a type of winter squash.
  • Pattypan squash (Scallop squash)
  • Tromboncino or Zucchetta, unusual among summer squash as being a vining plant and a Cucurbita moschata variety
  • Yellow crookneck squash
  • Yellow summer squash
  • Zucchini (courgette)

Winter Squashes

Winter squashes are those that have a hard rind and can be stored.

  • Cucurbita maxima
  • Ambercup squash
  • Arikara squash
  • Atlantic Giant
  • Banana squash (also called Pink Banana squash)
  • Buttercup squash
  • Georgia candy roaster
  • Hubbard squash
  • Jarrahdale pumpkin
  • Kabocha
  • Lakota squash
  • Mooregold squash
  • Red kuri squash (also called “Hokkaido squash”, “orange Hokkaido squash”, or “baby red Hubbard squash”)
  • Rouge vif d’Estampes (also spelled Rouge vif d’Etamps)
  • Turban squash
  • Marina di Chioggia
  • Queensland blue pumpkin
  • Cucurbita argyrosperma
  • Cushaw squash
  • Cucurbita moschata
  • Butternut squash
  • Long Island cheese squash (Cucurbita moschata)
  • Fairytale pumpkin squash or Musquee de Provence[5]
  • Kent Pumpkin (“Jap Pumpkin”)
  • Cucurbita pepo
  • Acorn squash
  • Carnival squash
  • Delicata squash (also called Peanut squash)
  • Gem squash
  • Heart of gold squash (Cucurbita pepo; a hybrid of acorn squash and sweet dumpling squash)
  • Spaghetti squash
  • Sweet dumpling squash (also called “dumpling squash”; Cucurbita pepo)
  • Autumn cup squash
  • Calabaza
  • Cushaw (also called “winter crookneck squash”)
  • Giraumon
  • Gold nugget squash (also called “golden nugget squash”)
  • Sugar loaf squash


So can bearded dragons eat squash at all?

Yes they can eat both winter and summer squashes. Do make sure that you only feed them the flesh and cut away the rind. They are very good for bearded dragons and they will enjoy eating them. Take note though, that they softer they are, the more inclined dragons are to eat them.

Image “CSA-Yellow-Squash” by Evan-Amos – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons