Can Bearded Dragons Eat Silkworms?

Silkworms are commercially bred caterpillars of the domesticated silkworm moth which spins a silk cocoon that is processed to yield silk fiber.

It no longer lives in the wild and is entirely dependent on humans. It consumes mulberry leaves exclusively and are native to northern China.

However, now they are only found in captivity. They have been domesticated and can no longer survive independently in nature.

They are only bred in captivity either for the production of silk or to be feeder insects for other animals such as lizards and reptiles.

So can bearded dragons eat silkworms?

Yes they can eat them. The great thing about them is that they are a Pupa stage of a moth so they dont have a shell.

They can be purchased from many pet stores both off and online in different sizes. They can be stored for a length of time, but remember that they only eat mulberry leaves and so must be fed these if they are to survive for any length of time for your bearded dragon.

Unfortunately, dead silkworms are no good for bearded dragons as they lose their nutritious value when they die.

But bearded dragons will enjoy them if fed to them.