Can Bearded Dragons Eat Sardines?

Sardines or pilchards, as they are otherwise called, are the common names that refer to small, oily fish from the herring family. They were first termed sardines during the 15th century and may have been discovered close to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia where they were known to be abundant.

They are often eaten pickled, grilled, smoked or from cans where they are often preserved.

They are known to be a good source of vitamin D, calcium, vitamin B12 and protein. They are also a natural source of marine omega-3 fatty acids.

They are also high in phosphorus, potassium and other trace minerals such as iron and selenium.

So can bearded dragons eat sardines at all?

Unfortunately they can’t eat any kind of fish. Sardines have a bone structure in them that can be pretty harmful to bearded dragons if they were to swallow one. They just can’t digest bones properly and they can cause impaction in the bearded dragon which is a blockage of the intestine. Their acids are also not good for them and could harm them if they are eaten.

This means that sardines are a food to avoid as far as bearded dragons are concerned. There are far better foods for them to eat.