can bearded dragons eat pinky mice

Can Bearded Dragons eat Pinky Mice?

Pinky mice are those types of young mice who are less than five days old and don’t have fur.

They are the youngest form of mice. They grow into Fuzzies who are between five days and two weeks old and are just starting to develop fur.

Then their are Hoppers who are between two and three weeks old and have the ability to open their eyes and feed on their own.

Then they develop into Weanlings who are between three weeks and one month in age.

These types of young mice are often given to certain reptiles and amphibians as food.

So can bearded dragons eat pinky mice at all?

Unfortunately they are unable to eat any creature that has a bone structure as they just cant digest the bones. They should not be fed pinky mice at all.



Image “Feeder mice” by LA Dawson. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons

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