Can Bearded Dragons Eat Canadian Night Crawlers?

Canadian night crawlers are another name for earthworms and are large, reddish worm species that are found across the world having been introduced to a number of habitats. It is considered a serious pest for its ability to outcompete other native worms.

Its scientific name is Lumbricus Terrestris.

They can reach up to 25cm in length, and in 2012, a specimen was found in SW China measuring roughly 50 cm in length.

It is often seen on the surface at night time as it has an unusual habit of copulating above ground as opposed to other species of worm.

So can bearded dragons eat Canadian night crawlers?

Unfortunately they can’t eat wild Canadian night crawlers, as there is a risk that they are carrying parasites that may harm a bearded dragon.

However, they can be purchased from breeders who have bred them in captivity and are free of parasites.

They are generally sold as bait for fishing and are sold in bulk and pet shops such as this one will sell them to the general public. Do research where you get them from before hand though to ensure that they are from a reputable dealer.

Just feed them one or two at a time as they are a good treat for bearded dragons.

Image “Close up of earthworm”. Licensed under GFDL 1.2 via Commons

Source of information wikipedia