Why Does My Bearded Dragon Flatten Out?

Bearded dragons are renown for their ability to puff out their beards or spines and make themselves look much larger than they actually are.

This is their way of scaring off potential predators who look like they are going to attack them.

It is a defense mechanism which helps them.

However, another thing they can do is to flatten their stomach’s.

It makes them look like they’ve flattened themselves out and it is one of the strange things that bearded dragons do.

So why does my bearded dragon flatten out?

There are three reasons they flatten themselves out.

1. They are trying to regulate their temperature

Beaded dragons will flatten themselves out to keep their body regulated in hot climates.

They do this to warm up and will flatten themselves on a rock or hard surface.

In captivity, they will do this on their basking rock taking in the rays of the uv lamp to keep themselves at the right temperature.

If they are not warm enough, they will not be able to digest the food that is in their stomach’s as they digestive system is dependent on being at the right temperature.

2. It is a defense mechanism.

When a bearded dragon believes it is in danger, they will flatten their stomach instinctively.

Just like flaring up their beard’s or spines, this posture gives the impression of them being much larger and much stronger than they actually are.

They will display this to a predator.

However, instead of intending to invite conflict, they will do this to avoid it.

They are doing this because something has scared them and they are looking to protect themselves.

3. They are not feeling good

A bearded dragon can also flatten their belly and lie flat on the ground if they are sick and haven’t got the energy to move.

If you don’t seen your bearded dragon moving and they generally very listless, then it is time to consult a veterinary surgeon to get them checked out.