10 Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Make Great Pets

Getting a reptile is not normally on top of a priority list when people usually think about getting a pet.

Even amongst those who want to get a reptile, snakes and turtles are usually the popular choice. However, the bearded dragon lizard has emerged as a popular pet over the recent years.

Lizards are often thought to be ugly reptiles that have no place in the home, but the bearded dragon has emerged as a pet beyond lizard convention in being very adaptable to human environments and interaction.

So what is this lizard that has grown in popularity, lets take a look by looking at 10 reasons why Bearded dragons make great pets.

  1. They have distinct personalities and are able to be trained as pets
  2. They have a docile nature and can be taken out of for walks with a leash on
  3. They can live up to 10 to 15 years with proper care
  4. They are submissive and are easy to control and look after, in fact they can often be found with an owner perched on the owner’s shoulder or sitting next to them on a couch.
  5. They are extremily attractive animals with seven different species of bearded dragon.
  6. They make great first pets for those interested in reptiles because they are so gentle and rarely bite.
  7. They eat a wide variety of foods and are not fussy about what they eat.
  8. They are not complicated to house like other reptiles. You just need to ensure that they are housed at the correct temperature of between 85-90 degrees farenheit. This is due to where they are from in the Australian dessert.
  9. They just need a few minutes a day of maintenance. They do not require a great deal of upkeep like other pets do, don’t make a mess and are very tidy creatures.
  10. They are active during the day and rest when the sun goes down making them ideal for human interaction.